Taydal is highly experienced in the fast, quality delivery of Hot Rolled Asphalt.

Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) is a dense mixture of mineral aggregate, sand, filler and bitumen that complies with EN 13108 and the NRA Specification for Road Works.
HRA is made using a high proportion of sand – which results in a low instance of air voids when compacted. This mortar of bitumen, sand and filler fines is what gives HRA its strength. The resulting density, strength and low instance of air voids means that HRA has a wide range of applications – including national roads.

Hot Rolled Asphalt is the traditional specification for surfacing roads and is used in conjunction with high PSV Pre-Coated Chips to provide a highly durable, anti-skid surface.

Hot Rolled Asphalt results in an incredibly durable surface with enhanced longevity, has a high skid resistance and is near impervious to water – resulting in reduced damage.

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