Taydal has successfully delivered tarmac solutions on a number of high profile Crossrail and Network Rail projects – including the high profile 15-day £19m refurbishment of Gravesend Station.

We have consistently proved our professionalism and ability to work within strict Rail guidelines and have demonstrated our Health and Safety competency throughout our work.

Furthermore, our proven ability to lay large tarmac areas in short time-scales offers our clients the reassurance that strict deadlines can be met with confidence. We understand the time pressure that is associated with rail refurbishment projects, especially when scheduled over the Christmas period or bank holidays.

Our cloud-based project management system has been developed with rail projects in mind as it improves collaboration between various contractors working on a particular project. Good communication enables Taydal to work effectively and ensure our best quality work is delivered on time and to budget.

Taydal are trusted by clients to meet strict timelines. Flexible with last minute project demands, the team consistently deliver quality results. C Spencer Ltd - Gravesend Station
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