M&D Developments Ltd – Hengrave Hall

The work to re-construct a road that provides access to the rear of Hengrave Hall was commissioned by M&D Developments Ltd, a company specialising in property maintenance. Having once been made out of stone, the road would be mainly used by wedding parties to gain access to the hall. The time scale given to construct the road was two weeks, with a budget of £250,000. The most challenging part of the construction was to achieve a  high quality of workmanship, in keeping with the building and surrounding grounds.


M&D Developments approached us with this project as we had worked on a number of projects with them before, each of which we had successfully completed within the time scale and budget. As the wedding season was approaching, it was important for us to work efficiently to ensure the road was completed within the timescale. Wayne Dale (Director, Taydal) lead a highly organised-approach by working alongside suppliers to ensure materials arrived in quick succession, communicating with the client on a continuous basis throughout the project and dealing with the logistics.

The client was very pleased with the finished project and more work is scheduled in the upcoming weeks.



The client had laid down a concrete sub base;

Value: £250,000

Time Scales: Two weeks


  • 100mm - Road Plannings
  • 60mm - 20mm Binder Course
  • 40mm - 10mm Stone Mastic Asphalt

The cost of the project was reduced considerably by using road plannings as the road base. This enables the road to be longer lasting and better suited the clients needs.

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